RF, Comms, Audio.
Colin Bowman MIPS

At a very early age, about the same time as the first radio mic was invented.

First job with a PA company before leaving school during holidays and weekends learning about outside events.

1980 ran an OB unit for corporate communications company alongside conferences and other events.

1984 - Freelance Sound Engineer, in the days when news crews had a recordist who carried a video recorder that used tape!  BBC Local Radio Technical Operator, Conference, AV op, camera op and lots of studio floor and boom swinging included.

Still doing it although most of the focus is on RF and Comms.
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It began as I found my lifelong fascination with RF becoming useful at the time Reality TV was hitting the screens.  Multiple microphones over wide areas became more interesting than the programme content.

Adding IEMs for the performers, or capturing radio mics across arenas, added to the fun.

"Britain Goes Wild as "Springwatch" was originally called had wide area IEMs over several acres of the location, with many spots for radio mic reception.  I was the RF co-ordinator for many of the early programmes. "Big Cat Diary Live" in Kenya required what is probably the most powerful IEM transmitter used on TV.  For the last few years a stage based talent show with over 60 RF channels has presented some interesting challenges too, along with multi-room multi-mic conferences.

Out of work I plan radio coverage at large community events just for fun

I have recently update my training with SENNHEISER, RIEDEL, SHURE and TAIT Radio Academy. I have taken three OFCOM exams to gain a full amateur radio license, which is why I am a member of the RSGB

British APCO membership is from my interest in Emergency Radio, as is my volunteering for RAYNET. 

I am also a member of the Institute of Professional Sound (IPS)
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